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Submit your organization’s data by April 23, 2021

Participate online using our secure website. We use advanced data encryption to keep your information safe.

  1. You'll fill out an online questionnaire about your organization and its policies.
  2. You'll download an Excel spreadsheet to complete, save, and then upload back to our server.
  3. You may enter data at your convenience and return to your record as often as you like.
  4. Your survey response is strictly confidential. Read our privacy policy.

Participating and Purchasing the Report are separate processes. There is no cost to participate. Participants may purchase the survey report at a sharply reduced cost. Save even more by ordering your report early!

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Document Library

Here are several printer-friendly PDF documents that you will find helpful for completing the survey.

  • Promotional Flyer
    Flyer to share with other interested organizations. (1 page)
  • Survey Questions
    This file contains all of the questions asked. Download and print it so that you can gather the information you need to submit your data. (15 pages)
  • Survey Job List
    A list of the 200+ jobs included in this survey. (2 pages)
  • Survey Job Descriptions
    Job descriptions for each of the 200+ jobs included in this survey. (26 pages)
  • Survey Glossary
    Definitions of the terms used in the survey questionnaire. (2 pages)